iLOVE Digital Tens【UC-332H】

The fomentation of new generation heating tens with digital control
 Product Features: 
8 kind of intensity status
 9 programs : Shoulder / Waist / Elbow / Foot / pound / Push / Press / knead / Auto run
 Time settings : 15 / 30 / 60 min
 Temperature settings :  off / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 °C
 Use battery or AC adaptor

Trade Description




The fomentation of New Generation Heating Tens with Digital Control

Remedial effectiveness from a unique brand new device


FREQUENCY treatment each time of a day to ensure a healthy tomorrow


One set of excellent Digital Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve

Stimulator along with Moxa Heat therapy to provide different

fomentation, frequencies, waves, speeds, intensity, time and with auto

programs, to meet all sorts of body symptoms and positions which

can ease myalgia and neuralgia efficaciously.


Design of this low frequency heating TENS offers digital thermal

moxibustion acupuncture, fomentation and auto physiotherapy.

Principle of electronic treatment after fomentation is the traditional

rehabilitation in hospital as well. And the result of low frequency is

more obvious then before. One device can have two treatments

synchronously, more simplificative and efficient.


Our unique brand new auto program digital Moxa Heating Tens UC-

332H, have 8 independently varied modes, with wide range profitable

1-100mA intensity output, 1-180Hz frequency output, 100-300uS

pulse width output, 35-42 celsius of thermal adjustable, and 1-60

minutes auto switch off. All the status are visible in a large LCD with luminescence backlight.

The characteristic of UC-332H portable Tens “4E”:




*Electric Moxa

With compact size and easy to operate.

You can use the product any where you like, with both of

DC/AC 100-240V switch power supply

Unify a function which soothe you into therapy, avoiding initial shock

Current is introduced gradually from the start, allowing low frequency waves to penetrate widely and gently. Any initial shock is eliminated meaning care free use to even first time.


Freely select a mode to match your symptoms

To press a single button will match therapy to symptom, be it fatigue, pain, or



Readily appropriate to any part of the body

The device uses unique adhesive pads, gentle on the skin, and which won’t slip



Disregard to turn off ? Leave that to auto switch off

Operation stops automatically after your treatment 10-30 minutes, also prevent

over use.


Nice harmony to your preference with the strong & weak select

For different symptoms and patients, just press the buttons then you are able to

get your own pleasure.


The mode you like


1. SHOULDER - Shoulders often ache due to poor circulation, the purpose is to

improve circulation by striking the affected area lightly.

2. WAIST - Aching of the waist area is relieved by kneading and rubbing action.

3. ELBOW- People often experience a stabbing pain in these regions, and this

can be helped by gently striking the painful area.

4. FEET – Just like the relaxing feeling of walking barefoot.

5. POUND – When you easily feel tired or have a lot of stress, the gentle striking

of areas of the body can work off frustration and help you to relax


6. PUSH – Suitably apply to release pressure and to massage muscle of body.

7. PRESS – This simulates hand and finger pressure to slowly massage affected

areas. This particularly effective for dispelling the sluggish feeling

that many people experience in the mornings.

8. KNEAD – This comfortable massage is so relaxing that you feel like falling




I. Low thermal : 37 ~ 38 recommendation temperature.

II. Middle thermal : 39 ~ 40 fomentation sort.

III. High thermal : 40 ~ 41 heating physiotherapy sort.

Over 41 setting is extremely dangerous

a. Output frequency : 1-180 Hz.

b. Pulse width : 100-300μS

c. Polarity : Automatic change.

d. Display : Numerical LCD EL luminescence back light.

e. Button : Rubber made in various colors.

f. Circuit : Patented PWM (Pulse-Width- Modulation) for DC/DC circuit with

high efficiency and resolution.

g. Protection : Patented ADC (Analogical-Digital- Converter) type of protective

circuit for output.

h. Intensity : 0-100mA selection.

i. Mode : 8 modes pre-programs selection.

j. Timer : Auto shut off after 10/20/30 minutes adjustable.

k. Thermistor : Adjustment, range / 3542. ( & changeable)

m. Battery low : symbol indicating.

n. Power Supply : Input : 100V-240V 50-60Hz.

o. Main unit : 60 (W) x 110 (H) x 20 (D) mm.

p. Weight : 125g (excluded batteries and adaptor)

q . Accessory : Patient leads x 1 pairs.

      Heating electrode x 2 pairs.

      Adhesive pads x 2 pairs.

      Adaptor x 1 piece.

      Carry bag x 1 piece.

      Battery 1.5V x 3 pieces.

      Manual x 1 brochure.